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The Personal Touch is definitive resource and guide for those looking for the perfect wedding. In the middle of June, a month notoriously hectic for weddings, and made more so by the scarcity of competent bridal directors, I began researching available sources for information which might answer some of my own questions concerning the directing of a wedding. While I found many books on the “etiquette” aspects of a wedding, I did not locate any material which contains advice for anticipating and solving the emotional crises accompanying this momentous event. In addition, I did not find any source which describes the basics of directing a wedding, conducting the preliminary interviews, or even a forewarning of the last minute problems which arise on the wedding day. As a result of my own research and experience, I began to compile this information. It is intended for those women who see directing weddings as a possible career, and also for those brides who want to review ideas already tested which might be incorporated into their own ceremonies. I hasten to add, however, that I strongly discourage a bride from directing her own wedding. My reasons for this are based largely on my own personal observations of the pressures which accompany each ceremony. Primarily, the bride may not realize to what extent she is under pressure, and this tension may affect her own powers of supervision, as well as, diminish her enjoyment of the celebration. Not only does she feel tense, but everyone involved in the wedding party feels some kind of emotional pressure. In this highly-charged atmosphere, a bride will find it difficult to make objective decisions. However, the experienced director may make these decisions which will fulfill the bride’s wishes, but at the same time relieve the bride of any responsibility which might increase tension or even lead to friction within the wedding party.By selecting a director who is knowledgeable and confident, the bride will have more time to pamper herself and be totally happy and free of responsibility on both the rehearsal and wedding day. This book will aid the bride and the director in achieving this goal.