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Successful Real Estate Investors have a combination of skill, knowledge and the right analysis tools. Our proprietary software is simply the best software available for residential and light commercial investors.

Whether you are flipping properties, buying foreclosures, short sales, tax Liens, or discounted notes, REACT provides the necessary tools to give you the edge you need to close “the deal”. REACT contains cutting edge real estate investment analysis tools, marketing support, a library of support documents, detailed help documents and tutorials. The software has over 250 real estate related contracts that use our copyrighted Intellidocs to allow you to fill in the contracts with ease. The software generates up-to-date sales comparisons, property reports and neighborhood demographic reports with color charts and graphs.

As the old adage goes, “Most of the ‘Flippin’ Profit is in the Purchase of the Property”. If you buy a property correctly you will almost always make money. If you can’t buy a property low enough to put the house in great condition and still sell it below market, you shouldn’t be buying it.

The REACT Property Analysis module will guide you through the financial analysis that investors need to perform during the due diligence phase of property acquisition. This includes initial purchase and rehab costs, potential income, various monthly expenses, multiple loan amortizations, property appreciation schedules, annual tax advantages and more. The analysis includes the following reports and more: Pro Forma, Short Term Sale, Cash Flow, Taxable Income, Supplemental Depreciation, Adjusted Tax Basis, Taxable Capital Gains and Cash Proceeds.

Profitable Real Estate Investors know that having a full “tool box” to help them evaluate any type real estate transaction that they might encounter is a must. If you want to be ahead of the game, use the analysis tool that over 52,000 real estate investors nationwide have chosen: REACT Real Estate Investor Software.