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Small Business Productivity Software

The BOSS Small Business Productivity Software helps you save time and get your business more organized. Use The BOSS to find exactly where your business stands and to plan for where you want it to go. You will be more efficient so you can focus on your core business functions.

The BOSS Productivity Software The BOSS includes:
Business planning including financial projections
Full featured Accounting with reports
Budgeting including charts and graphs
Payroll that interfaces with the Accounting module
Invoicing module that interfaces with the Accounting module
Purchasing that interfaces with the Accounting module
Financial notes with printable amortization schedules
Project Management with printable reports
Business Plans that are easy to use and complete
Support to help your small business obtain Federal and Local government contracts
A Library of Articles on business related issues and many state and federal forms needed by small business
And a Document Center that contains over a 100 template contracts and addendums. The BOSS Document Center contains CMS’s copyrighted IntelliDoc’s ™ to walk you through filling in your contracts with ease.

Order your copy today and discover what thousands of other Small Business Owners have found…The BOSS will help you take charge of your business!