“Today I’m a successful business man with thirty years of experience in a multitude of disciplines, however it took a while to get here.”

Matthew MorrowI was raised in a catering family.

My mom and grandmother owned the largest off-premise catering service in central Alabama. My work career started at about age six. We grew up in the work, around the work, and part of the work. Working in my family’s catering business seemed as natural to me then as business does today. My grandmother would tell us she would “pad our pocket” or “give us a Yankee Dime” if we would help her take out the trash or help her do this or that (Yankee Dimes were kisses by the way). My family believed in earning your way and if you wanted to have something you could work hard and pay for it. By the time I was twelve I was working every day after school and on weekends. This was actual manual labor, right along side the adults. We did everything from pulling weeds, cutting grass, washing dishes, loading and unloading vans, to helping with cooking, deliveries, stocking, shopping, and taste testing. Anything and everything conceivable in a small family run business, I was subject to.

I went on to get my accredited business degree from Auburn University at Montgomery and then came home to help manage the family business. I learned a lot of valuable lessons during this time. Including:

1. I didn’t know everything.
2. Change comes hard to a business that’s been doing things a certain way for 40 years.
3. This was not my passion in life

After much prayer, speaking with friends, family, and people I respected it was obvious by my high energy and salesman personality that I needed to be in sales. I didn’t however want to sell things without value. I joined Sun America Securities, an AIG Company, as a Registered Rep in 2001 right before 9/11. I received my Series 7 & 63 Licenses that allowed me to sell almost all of the financial products from individual stocks, money market, IRA’s, 401k’s, ROTH’s, Education IRA’s, Annuities etc… I also soon became a licensed Insurance Broker in seven states selling mainly Life Insurance products like Cancer, Life, Medicare Supplement plans, Long Term Care, and Disability. A newly licensed agent selling investment products during and following 9/11 was beyond challenging, but I was successful. I learned how to be more efficient and had a relentless determination to succeed.

I stopped giving my financial advice and started taking it. I realized that I was able to produce much higher returns for myself than most of the stock market in Real Estate and other business ventures. Within six years of this change I had created enough passive income streams to retire. This has freed me to pursue even greater goals. I own multiple units of real estate, both residential and commercial, and I own multiple businesses. I now am blessed to teach on Udemy.com and other social media outlets, as well as having one-on-one Mentorship Students that I help to grow successful. It is a wonderful life and I hope you will learn as much as I can teach through these platforms.

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